Yes, yes I know it’s a bit extreme to have another accident so as not to write some more tricky bits to my book and blog, but I swear it’s because I am clumsy and accident-prone. I can now add breaking my ribs a week ago to dislocating my knee previously. If I had been practising what I preach in SOLO TRAVELLERS AND FITNESS then this might not have happened. No doubt there are some errors in this as I’m still on the painkillers!

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I would have missed this too if I had given up. It is now permanently closed to the public. I soaked my foot in the mineral-rich water of Hierve el Agua Mexico


Three weeks ago I was ready to greet the day with great enthusiasm and just flicked my legs sideways ready to jump from my bed when searing pain flashed through my knee and immediately knew I had dislocated it on my already operated side. Whilst lying with my legs in the air like a beleaguered beetle, whimpering at the same time as planning my action vowing not to panic. I would try to pop it back in although in my heart of hearts I knew it wouldn’t be possible. Cocked knee ready will my toes delicately rooted on the bed I gave my first push to get the bugger back in place. I screamed and it silently reproved me for this action with violent pain shooting up and down my leg as well as radiating around the knee. Twice more I tried until I was ready to throw up with the pain.

The long and the short of this was I knew the routine as I had done it before and it was in the same innocent way, flicking my legs up onto the sofa one Sunday afternoon ready with tea and chocolates to watch a film. Apparently, flicky sideways movements are a strict no-no in the land of the knee. Now my dear old birds and friends, I know I posted about this injury and all the others in ACCIDENTS AND DISASTERS however I want to remind you of the burden of pain with this injury and then cracking my ribs just three weeks later. My knee at that time was gradually straightening out and not so painful. Home physio was going well and I was shrugging off this bad luck in my usual optimistic way thinking I had handled the whole affair rather well.


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Day of the dead at the airport Villahermosa still on that dang foot.

Then in yet another crash and burn accident, my knee buckled underneath me and I dramatically fell, breaking ribs as a result. I won’t go through the details too much as it was another clumsy foolishness. This was another repeat of an old injury on my previously cracked ribs but worse. The terrible pain I have been going through is ridiculous, but cracked or broken ribs are another notorious injury in so much as they radiate a terrible sharp pain in any small and innocuous movement, and god forbid if you cough, sneeze or laugh.

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Praying to the gods for the pain to end

Long and the short is, I have been completely incapacitated at this busy time. No, I didn’t go to the hospital as I knew what they would say, and yes I went immediately into survival mode and hunkered down. I have been icing it and taking painkillers every four hours, upping my supplements and juicing organic fruit that I always have in the freezer. I have also juiced green veg and had with natural yoghourt and nuts and seeds. I have rested and watched TV and read (ironically) some survival and healthy food books that I got from the library in between accidents. So this is what I wanted to help you with as a top tip whether at home or while travelling, you must be master of your destiny and only give up if the problem is obviously too grave. Also, I haven’t been maintaining my acupuncture so am a very naughty girl. See ACUPUNCTURE FOR A CRACKING NEW YEAR. SOHO LONDON. So…

Top tip: Read up on basic self help emergency treatment. Know your body and know if you can deal with injuries without detriment to your general health. If you do this you won’t panic and make things worse. I only have gone to a doctor abroad and that was for Asian bird flu (ironically) and that was ineffective, but it was just to settle my mind as to the gravity of it as I knew I would have to wait it out but wasn’t sure if I would have to return home early from Malaysia. Of course I would if my lungs were in peril. So basically you will need to weigh things up in your mind with the knowledge from medical journals. I knew my foot was broken on my trip to Mexico two years ago but just continued with it by treating it with ice packs and minimal walking. I swam to keep my other muscles strong and my mental energy up. I knew my body and continued the trip despite the distraction and pain of it. With knowledge comes confidence. You should be well informed to be a good solo traveller as the onus is on you and you alone to decide on your health issues and not to get into a panic. I believe we all are too dependant these days and should take initiative by checking the medical facts. Go to the library or buy books and read up about self-help and first aid. Don’t google it you will get hysterical, be a little old fashioned about it and take your health into your own hands.

So we have this and my broken/strained hand and wrist, and my broken foot, my Indian black toe and a broken big toe (separate follies) to put together on a list of catastrophic injuries over the last few years. True the last two were homegrown but the others were as a result of accidents abroad. Be prepared wherever you are for accidents and how to deal with them. See BROKEN FOOT IN MERIDA, MEXICO. ONWARDS DESPITE THE PAIN!

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Swimming in a cenote with a broken foot

Above all be positive otherwise you’ll never do anything again, and the main purpose of this blog is to encourage my old birds and all you people that however horribly things go sometimes, it is just a part of life and to be taken in your stride knowing that your friend has crashed and bashed around the world and at home and is still the informed optimist.

Can you do it? Yes, you can.