already packed a couple of days ago, lucky I did I was a little over my 8kg. Just knew when I lifted it that it was running heavy. Pulled out my extra trainers and a surprisingly heavy top and all was well and the case had to be closed to avoid the temptation of adding just a couple more bits. Don’t trust yourself not to!!!

I re-waterproofed my pocket Parka and collected all my meds and vitamins and general dry first aid in a transparent zipper case that’s gone into my suitcase. My wet bag has been placed into my small rucksack. My travelling outfit is out and my booking at Heathrow’s Radisson is booked along with my first hotel in Bogota.

My Colombian Pesos are waiting to be picked up round the corner and my Bank has been advised of my travel movements. I have also done that on my Bank app on my phone.

All my library books have been taken back after having marked off the places I want to go from them on my big map and into my new diary and IPad Google maps.

All my jabs have been jabbed and I have booked acupuncture for the days up to the flight for some aches and pains and for stress. My last health check with my Doctor was A.O.K. and as usual my pre-trip health regime has seen a weight loss and a lower cholesterol count.

Eating my way through fridge which will get turned onto holiday mode!

Insurance number and details along with my yellow fever certificate is in my passport along with some extra currency.

A copy of my passport is also there for my bumbag later.

Leaving these bad boys behind! Meet my son Boston and Brutus!

All the apps I need for the trip are in place (Google translate, maps, Walking Eye Guide, Triposo Guide Netflix and other nerdy bits for my pleasure!)

I have downloaded all of Downton Abbey for bingeing on my external hard-drive (always wanted to see what everyone was banging on about!) along with some comedy programmes. All these things will come in very handy on the long bus rides and after dark when you stay in your hotel for more dodgy places!

Feeling like this! See below

Since yesterday (Sunday) I’ve had a very sore throat and felt under the weather which was a scare but am feeling better today after staying in bed, and today will do only menial tasks to make sure I’ve shifted it Grrrrrrrrr! Lucky I’m so anal about preparing early!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll be getting my hair done and the acupuncture that got delayed. I’ll paint my nails and put on a facemask and wax my legs! Might as well start off civilised!


Then Wednesday massage and down to my hotel at Heathrow! Hopefully I,ll have no problem downloading my boarding passes to my phone as you can only check in with Iberia 24 hours before your flight.

Feeling like this!

At hotel now and have slept all afternoon, be up at 4 to get my transfer bus to the terminal. Pants to feel like this but I’m going to push through. Stupidly missed an upgrade to first class for only 200 Euros. Damn my stupidity!

See you in Colombia woooohooooooo!