The last farewell.

You know it’s been raining here more or less non stop? Well now, the day I was supposed to leave, there is a massive storm. I was woken in the night by explosive bangs and flashes and the sound of torrential rain. I went to my door and the display was awe inspiring. I managed a video but really wasn’t concerned about leaving in the morning, surely this Biblical deluge would be spent by eight when my collectivo would pick me up. As I sit here still in my Punta Allen hotel room, with explosives bangs every five seconds or so, I realised that, as usual, I was overly optimistic.

Flooded road.

The wind has also picked up now as well as rumbling. Hurricane coming?

Trying to smile

 Swimming dog left my room in the night so I shut the door but after a few minutes she was scratching at my door. She must have just needed a wee but she hasn’t left since and she has migrated to my bed now too. I have made some hot chocolate that had been destined for rum and chocolate with ice, a lamumba – wow a huge bang just now, the building shook- but now it’s a comforting cocoa to absorb the handful of vitamins that are now burning my stomach. All the restaurants are closed and some peoples houses are flooded completely. Although we all knew that there had been a storm at sea building up we had no idea how strong it would be when it arrived on land, we kinda thought the pissing rain had been it, boy were we wrong.

And then there were three.

No escape today from here, not only is the collectivo now broken again but the road is closed. There is no signal but thankfully we have electricity, in more ways than one the sky is constantly with lightening, and I can sit and write and listen to The Gods of the Ragnarok Era, my Norse mythology. No swimming because of the storm which is a shame I love swimming in the rain but don’t really want to die for it. Now this is when my prerecorded external hard drive comes in with my movies etc. Due to the signal being so weak the last few days I haven’t been able to download any Korean shit from Netflix.

I slept again this morning when I finally accepted I wasn’t leaving today. It was a heavy strange sleep, more like being in a coma. I would try to wake myself but just couldn’t even open my eyes. The dog was warm next to me and I had had a very  broken sleep the night before but this was a very deep and strange sleep considering all the booming and flashing going on.

Ooh, the rain has just stopped but the wind is still high but at least I can open my door again and let in some fresh air.

This indeed is the closest I’ll get to a desert island experience and although it’s still rumbling it’s calmed for the moment. Nothing will open today however, mind you they always change what’s going on here, it wouldn’t surprise me if they suddenly said that we could get back to Tulum after all.

Top Tip: When shit happens thems the breaks! Just go with the flow and don’t get your knickers in a flap. With storms and a shedload of Sargasso in your lap and no way of escape you could freak. There’s no point just adapt and accept. Make yourself as comfy as possible and always have either a good book or audiobook to hand. As I travel super light I don’t carry books which is a casualty of my strict packing regime, but I always have audiobooks that you can now get free with your local library, they have an app for your phone and it takes very little electricity which is handy when there’s no power.

Nah, just went out for a nose and the woman upstairs who was complaining bitterly earlier has confirmed we are stranded on a desert island!

Alkida hasn’t moved, content with half of my ham and cheese toasty that I sneakily made this morning, she hasn’t even been outside for a wee. I’ll update you later.

I slept again ! I can’t believe this deep slumber. Maybe the weather and no internet lets you just relax. Stopped raining and I’ve at the eleventh hour found a secret super Mercado and bought some mince and potatoes and ma de a delicious boiled potatoes with meatballs in gravy. Enough for tonight and only cost me 62 pesos. This was because I went out without dogs and could go on mean dog street. If I’d have known this from the beginning I could have saved a fortune, and it was so tasty with a big knob of butter on. Got fresh sheets and it’s only spitting now. Collectivo confirmed for tomorrow. To be honest it’s been rather a splendid day!

Football pitch more of a swimming pool

The Mormon fishermen who have been stony cold with me (do Mormons hate women?) Have had a horrible time I’m happy to say and are only just going out. so hopefully it’ll blow a gale again. and Naughty wants a walkie so I’m going to got get some Chocky for my afternoon tea. It’s been a very British day.

Evening of meatballs and more crying about leaving my paradise.

Alert: don’t swim in an electric storm!