Desierto Tatacoa

This will be short and sweet am having problems with WiFi here and it’s a pain! Just enjoy the pics for the mo.

A long days journey to Neiva from Bogota. Avianco had thrown a curved ball and at the gate suddenly announced a six hour delay. I threw a wobbler and turned all princess so paid for the VIP lounge. Obviously it was worth it. I snagged a couchette.

Random pic of this darling little puppy at the airport

I rested there while bringing food and drinks to nibble. This is exactly the time when you will be glad of your laptop and pre recorded stuff or Netflix. Reading would have been a challenge as my eyes were gritty with fatigue. Some excellent Scandi Noir and Downton Abbey! (can’t believe I never watched it before)

I’m sure matamundo must mean kill the world?!!!

The flight  when finally boarded took half an hour instead of one hour so I had to be grateful for small blessings. Got a cab immediately from the dinky airport and arrived at a splendid old hacienda called Hotel Matamundo where I glugged down a couple of stiff drinks by the pool before even washing. Darling, one needs ones dwinkies after such an ordeal

Hacienda hotel in ghastly Nieva

Decked with exotic plants a swimming pool it was magic for me along with the original tiles and old style waiters in their white jackets. The actual town is pants but I wasn’t interested in that only the surrounding area that I had travelled so far to see.

Arriving at last in a very dodgy plane.

My cab driver picked me up the next day and off we poodled to Desierto Tatacoa, Villavieja and the last hotel in the desert, still don’t know it’s name, which is past the Observatory and has a swimming pool and Eco huts.


I’m not writing about this, much hype and really not all that. A pretty little village with a square and a pants dinosaur museum. Here’s some pics anyway.

Chapel on main square

Desierto Tatacoa.

This place has a lot of what look like huge red termite hills. there are also stretches of a cool grey material on the flat bits and boulders that must have been rolled through by some ancient waterways. I’m surprised nobody has used it for a Mars landing film it is truly magnificent.

Beautiful hot red hell.

The oasis in the middle of the desert…..

A bizarre eco hotel that has exotic birds and a swimming pool with a serpent spouting water, Well I don’t know what’s coming next!!


Coming soon!