I never write posts just about restaurants but I will do so now. When you find something this good it deserves applause. connoisseur

I’ve had a couple of off days after my flight. Felt exhausted but for a change I forced myself to have a siesta, it was a Margaret Thatcher one, twenty deep sleep minutes. I felt a hugely better and hungry so decided that I was going to try a restaurant with good meat, a really fine steak. Luckily just round the corner from me I saw what seemed to be the ticket the “Parilla de Barrio” or neighbourhood grill. I felt I needed a place of quality and indeed that is what I got.

Lovely team including chef Mario Ivan Garcia Vasquez, waiters Enrique and Lavra and the boss

Near my place on the Plaza rests an unassuming restaurant with amazing food.Can I say first it was ridiculously inexpensive for what it offered. Having had a few mishaps with food and service here I had stumbled across a truly excellent eatery.

Open kitchen, always a good sign

I chose a table at the front by the window. From then on I was made to feel like a princess. When you have service which is undemanding but attentive it really is a solo travellers paradise.

The menu has a variety of food but I was keen to have some really decent beef and I chose a New Yorker from a tray of different cuts brought to me on a tray to choose from. Simple pleasures of actually selecting your particular piece of meat to be cooked for you. A bit of extra attention to detail. A small salad was given to me and I chose a fine mezcal cocktail with pineapple to kick off the meal.

Mezcal and pineapple cocktail.

Then boom! A board of the most delicious steak I have eaten for years with equally excellent sides. This certainly was the best dinner I had partaken in in my four months here in Mexico.

That New Yorker was to die for

Credit where credit is due, I take my hat off to this place. I had ordered some pomme puree that had some scallions in I believe, and the steak melted in my mouth. Their house red was smooth (I will go back for more details on these facts) and there were some crispy veg and another puree of loveliness that I need to find out exactly what it was. Kind respectful staff and a general feeling of warmth and happiness!

Bravo? If you come to Oaxaca escape from the central tourism and have a little class, or indeed a fine glass come up to CARN&VORO away from the tourist rubbish and you can even walk off your dinner in El Llano the park at the side.

I’m definitely going back to look at their wine and mezcal menu and check out the other food there, apparently their pizza is stone baked and very sought after too, but me? I’m going back for some more of that steak!