Well after a period of relative calm in Punta Allen they are going mess with the electric again. On, off, on, off. Blimey it’s driving me mad. However I have a slightly different topic for you. Fly fishing. The catch and release of these huge fish that I now realise is the subject of the huge beautiful metal sculpture in Punta Allen.


They are a group of father and two sons who came specifically for fly fishing the elusive Permit fish. I had never even heard about this fish which obviously is high end fishing sport. This was the day before yesterday and life was good for these chaps. Happy fishermen they when I expressed interest. I was rewarded with photos of their catch. One per man which is always a good thing for male pride. The fish are huge and depending on the colour of their habitat can vary in colour but mainly are a translucent icy blue. Indeed I did comment that some looked like they were carved from ice. I then was further rewarded with a show of the flies, one emulating a shrimp and the other I forget but the point being they were very hard to catch. I then received a short lesson about how wily you must be as they spook easily.

However yesterday though was another kettle of fish (pun intended) They came back cross and curt for they had caught nothing. It was a bad fish day. Then all of us saw in real time shed loads of Sargasso coming in in huge floats all across the horizon and tempers further frayed. I looked in horror too as I saw this a bad omen for swimming dog too.


I went for a quick stinky second swim of the day with swimming dog and it was really unpleasant. The water was pongy and somehow oily, the colour transformed from aquamarine to murky muddy shit colour. This was a bad omen so when today Sonia came into my ‘office’ and told me ‘no electric until midnight’ I was dismayed but also realised that indeed sparks will fly (pun intended) if they get back without having caught fish AND that they can’t have some air con. They will be more fed up. I think I might say to her that the generator must be put on. They really have to stop with the penny pinching.


Clean beach

OK. Just checked and apparently they have to take it in turns to use their generators. Don’t ask me why it’s some barmy thing they’ve got going here. so I retract the penny pinching thing. I just took swimming dog out against my wishes as she was hassling me like only a doggy can do with her constant following me around and her eyes. She’s now officially my boss, I am her human and I’d better get that straight. We waded through the thick strangling soup for about three metres until we got to the turtle turdy water and swam out to the various big birds perched on the various posts that stick out of the water to tie boats to. These are large herons, pelicans and seagulls and she delights in making them grumpily fly off. When they lurch off they appear more like pterodactyls than birdies, they’re huge and it adds to the dream like state I’m in with this wild environment.


We continued under the broken pier and I watched nervously for boats approaching with tourists for a lunch at the Fisherman’s Lodge near us. She then decided to go further out for two pesky ones that had landed on the sea, they obviously were not obeying her orders to leave. On coming back we went to shore where there was less of stinky Sargasso so it was easier and not quite so vile to exit. I think tomorrow we will walk further up to a point that seems clearer at the moment, for this dog now has the bit between her teeth about swimming each day. She has lost weight, for she was a porky matron, and also her fur is bleaching. She’s quite a looker now and looks younger than her thirteen years.

So, no electricity now I’m on my last ten minutes until midnight. I have closed down my other tabs and Photoshop and will have a lovely tuna steak for my lunch and a beer is defrosting right now for me, I’m done for the day conserving my battery for some downloaded TV. No sitting on a lounger later looking at the stars with that bloody Sargasso that heralds a bunch of mosquitoes and flies, only lounging in my bedroom watching some crap, but hey at least I changed my sheets today.

Fans just gone off. No more electricity. I am doomed!

Well that all changed in a heartbeat. The lecky came on early and stayed all night and most of this morning! The chaps already sent me pics of their catches but I didn’t get them yet. I’m convinced one of them will catch two of those big beauties but I have been known to be wrong……



There’s no doubt I am a beach bum and a slob. I neglect my normal toilet regime, smoke and drink like an old lush journalist and let the dog lick my face after eating. I’m getting into terrible habits. I swear like a trouper and am completely accepted by the village. The copper on his quad bike waved and said hello to me and I waved back cheerfully while quaffing a Margarita at the corner bar

My server mailbox was nearly full which brings me round to the basic ‘housekeeping’ I am neglecting with essential work on my computer. I’ve only glanced casually at my emails and deleted without really checking. I hadn’t bothered with any replies either. My filing has gone to hell with edited pics all over the place, and I haven’t made any videos for ages. I haven’t edited the ones I already have for gods sake. I didn’t want to finish my Mexico blogs in an orderly way just leapt into the Kuala Lumpur one for a bit of a change and some pretty pictures of orchids and birdies.


I am a lazy louche.