HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY LOVELY OLD BIRDS AND ALL YOU TRAVELLERS OUT THERE! I was going to go back to Russia beginning of this year but I’ve just got in touch with my beautiful serviced apartments in Mexico City and the lovely owner so…….what you reckon?

These pics are for you to whet your whistle for this year…

Alert: This is a reminder that life is short so just GO FOR IT THIS YEAR!!

See this quickly it’s my ethos in a nutshell!
On the football pitch at Teotihuacan pyramid complex Mexico
Chiang Mai’s Kanta Elephant Sanctuary Thailand
Kota Kinabalu, Borneo
Banuken Island snorkelling spectacular, Indonesia
Great Wall of China.
Varanasi, Ganges River India
Chocolate mask experiment, London
Bru na Boinne, Ireland.
Forbidden City, Beijing, China.
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Freezing on the platform for a fag break at night. Trans Siberian Express somewhere in Russia!
Worship volcanos acidic Lake Taal, Philippines
Worship the sea everywhere!
Borneos National Park nature trek
Doing a Diana at the Taj Mahal India
Organic cooking lessons in Ching Mai Thailand
Festival of the light Mae Hon Song Temple, Thailand.
Bada Gumbad, Lodhi Gardens New Delhi, India
Blue Mosque Istanbul, Turkey.
Palawan tribe exhibition. Manila Philippines
Playing with ghastly big mac. Antigua Guatemala.
Dry ice mojito in my hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand
More archaeology in Malta
Caught a fish in the Nile in Luxor, Egypt.
Cave woman in Crete
Knossos, Crete
Sardinias strange ‘Nuraghi’
Dramatic weight loss in Kampung, Sarawak Malaysia
My bedroom view over the River Neva St Petersburg, Russia.
Oslob Philippines for the whale sharks.
Philippines one of many snorkelling adventures.
Macaque and suckling baby Sepilock Malaysia.
Trans Siberian Express my cabin for first leg, Moscow to Irkutsk
Isa Khans tomb at Humayuns Tomb complex New Delhi India
India New Delhi
My house at retreat Thailand’s Ayutthera.
Ayutthera Thailand temples
Stupa in Ayutthera, Thailand
Gorillas at Sepilok, Borneo
The island of the biting fish kk
Clams at KK fish market so yummy
Kota Kinabalu’s fabulous fish market. Borneo
Semuc Champeys aerial view after climbing a bloody mountain. Guatemala
Playa Zicatela, Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, Mexico.
Olmec pyramids North of Villahermosa, Mexico.
Just arrived in Mexico and had the roof to myself before the rain came in
Cenote swimming not for the nervous. Oaxaca Mexico.
Cusco souffle
My cocktail waiter in Cusco Peru
Tierras Moray near Cusco Peru
Peruvian bald dog, or Chimu dog. Trujillo, Peru
Typical rush boats Trijillo, Peru.
The best ceviche by the sea in Trujillo Peru
Mummy in Trujillo Museum Peru.
Tatacoa Desert.
Villavieja store Colombia
The Wild West
Tatacoa Desert, Villavieja at its hottest. Colombia
Somewhere fabulous!!!

More to be added later….love you all, and again Happy New Year xxx

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