“Animal telepathy is mind-to-mind communication. It is feeling across a distance. We are all made of energy and connected by a vast web of energetic pathways. To speak to an animal telepathically, you just tune in to the right energy channel,” says animal communication expert and author Mary J. Getten.

My love, my companion my spiritual awakening.

Falling in Love with ‘my’ Turtle.

Her normal distance from me for twenty minutes.

A fresh morning at my new pad and a day that would change my life. I had slept well and had a lovely early breakfast before being picked up for another look at this amazing underwater environment. While there I went on seven snorkelling trips and upon returning, was constantly waiting for the next one. I never got bored and I never stopped having that lurching feeling in my stomach just before jumping in off the boat each time. The butterflies continue until you adjust to the alien underwater seascape and you adjust all your senses and become truly immersed. It’s an odd feeling, and if you’re like me you will not raise your head again above the waterline unless your goggles malfunction or you want to check where you are in relation to your boat. So basically you are very fishy for the half hour or so that they give you at each spot. Sometimes it’s at shipwrecks, sometimes it’s the main coral reef, sometimes it’s a spot near an island where they don’t have to fret over you too much.

Surfacing right in front of me so I had to stop while she gulped air

I am always a little reckless when I am passionate about something. I’m always forgetting what my boat looks like, and there can be a lot of similar ones at certain times of the day. I don’t imprint how the guides look before I jump in. I like to be away from the other people in my, or anyone else’s group. I am a loner and that often gets me into trouble. Well, trouble was coming for me that day, but it was worth it.

Normally I constantly dive to see things close up at the bottom and to take photos and videos. In this way, you avoid sunstroke and maintain a constant core temperature, it’s sensible and I’ve always done it, except this time.

Green Sea Turtle in action

I had already got bashed on the head by a bloody boat earlier at a crowded dive spot and was grumpy having shouted angrily at the skipper who was moving his boat and not looking where he was going. Although he apologised profusely, I was shocked and very angry, whether my vibes carried with me to the next location, we will never know, but there’s no doubt that my turtle befriended me, and not the other way around.

Diving down away from me I thought I had lost her

Who knows, maybe the bang on the head combined with a receptive third eye contributed to a channel being opened between me and said, creature. She gravitated towards me, made a show then we somehow melded.

I swam with her and we gazed upon each other, she occasionally turning her head to swallow a passing jellyfish (for we were indeed amongst a huge group of round translucent ones.) I felt primitive understanding pulse through me and so we went forward together. She would wait for me from time to time if I lagged, at other times she would friskily dive deep and I would feel a terrible sense of loss until she came back to me from the deep, sometimes straight up to me and other times from behind to surprise and delight me as she resumed her place next to me.

Always posing that girl!

This empathy and primordial emotion between us is something that has stayed with me through my darkest days, an aid when things seem bleak. It is raw energy that I can call upon as a part of myself that had needed reawakening and now my higher spirit can be accessed for the good and I send that dimension and my turtle a salute each time.

Alert: For those who would poo-poo this, I understand if you’re not there yet, but surely most people will get that they communicate with their pets in a non-verbal way and there are many examples of furry animals being on a higher wave level and able to diagnose sickness and understand their humans’ emotions completely. Let this spirituality through when you next travel and are in close contact with the wild, and you’ll be amazed at the experience. Immerse yourself with the non-verbal with both pets and wild creatures and you’ll begin opening another dimension to yourself.

Was just reading a fascinating article in ‘Mind Journal’ that provides another angle on this which I would come across later in my travels. ‘You might wonder how come turtles hold so much spiritual relevance. If we want to unlock the secrets pertaining to this magnificent creature, we have to closely observe and tune into its physical attributes, natural instincts, behavioural traits, and unique abilities.’ says Rose Burke

Ancient creatures wisdom sharing.

‘And as turtles straddle both water and land, they are the perfect representation of embodying this dualistic energy. According to the spiritual meaning of a turtle, they remind us that there’s a time for indulging in imagination and emotions and there’s a time for working toward your goal. Turtles represent the strength of mind that is needed for us to materialize our abstract dreams and visions into concrete reality, against all our challenges.’

She also mentions that if you associate strongly with them that you should stay on your chosen path despite adversity. That if things become too toxic seek solitude and rest along with meditation and grounding. This would become more apparent further along my journey as sound. It has also stood me in good stead ever since that ‘chance’ encounter.

All her shapes!

Anyhoo! When I surfaced and looked around I saw I was a good quarter of a mile offshore and away from the distant line of tourist boats. I said a hasty goodbye and swam as fast as I could back. I was shocked at my immersion in the experience and checked my watch. I had swum and joined with her spiritually for twenty earth minutes. The long swim back was a blur of muscle-wrenching fast swimming until they spotted me from the boat and shouted to me pale-faced and angry.

Top Tip: NEVER be foolhardy enough to do this. It was by mistake and just because I don’t regret it doesn’t mean that you should follow suit. Clearly, there are much safer ways to experience this life-changing experience. I was caught up in it totally unexpectedly and this siren took me and I willingly acquiesced. I’m a different beast, do this in your own safer way just don’t expect it with touristy-tamed creatures so much. They are more humanised.

Loggerhead in Belize who was tamed for the tourists, not like my wild girl in Bunaken!

I was quite rightly given a terrible telling-off by the crew and had to grovel and apologise but I was defiant and deliriously happy at that point, not aware that later I would just be delirious.