Below are six new documentaries that I’ve found which are adding nails into the coffin of how old civilization actually is, and from whence we actually did come. They come from very different angles but combined I feel they make a very strong case as to why we need to completely rethink history as we have been taught it.

Winged Mexican beings in Mexican pyramid

My decision now is whether to continue my book about the Mayans? Clearly, a lot of evidence is coming out that the history books were either just wrong or mankind’s real history has been hidden from us by the powers that be. I think that when I post my introduction to the Preclassic Mayans there will be a disclaimer ffs!

This is so typical of all my travels, that something completely changes my plans, well it appears my book now has also been dramatically detoured!

evidence that we are far, far older than we ever imagined

The video above; How Is This Possible? 250,000 Year Old City Discovered in the Valsequillo Basin examines how scientists are all too ready to besmirch the reputations of their colleagues if the narrative is different and opposing to their established rhetoric. New evidence is squashed and dirty tactics employed. Indeed, this is being clearly exhibited in the number of archaeological sites gradually being closed to all worldwide, and a refusal of entry to tourists and for even well-respected scholars in various fields of study. It’s terrifying how our real history is being adulterated and ancient knowledge kept from us. What is it that they are hiding? Have a look at how far back we go. Do you agree? Have a look it’s really worth your time.

underneath the step pyramid.

My research has now taken a new direction and I see, theoretically that the huge civilizations magically rising out of a stone age at more or less the same time all over the world, are very odd and clearly wrong. This sudden rise from our caveman ancestors has always been glossed over as it doesn’t fit in with the now much favoured Darwinian Theory of Evolution. In all likelihood monuments and pyramids were constructed by more advanced beings and were reused by later humans. This however you can see for yourself in the fabulous film below ‘ Rare Footage from Egypt, Ancient Machined Artifacts found under the Step Pyramid’.

The sudden incredible (for it is incredible as in unbelievable incredible) leap of knowledge and monolithic building and advanced creations can now be attributed to the earlier forefathers who had far superior technical skills and materials than mankind at that stage in history. We, my friends, have been duped on a massive scale.

It’s not a coincidence that now finally, the lower layer of the ancient step pyramid has been excavated and magnificent, albeit broken, hard stone vessels have been uncovered from the passages that were filled with rubble. It would seem that the pyramid later owners or usurpers, buried their ancestral booty below them, for these things would have been worshipped and their origins only vaguely remembered in myths and by word of mouth. Emulations later were crude in comparison so these pieces would have been priceless and possibly hidden in their original places for the Pharoah to gain their mystical power in the afterlife.

Machu Picchu.

It’s noted worldwide that lower blocks of buildings were far superior in their making than the later ones which were crude, to say the least. The original creators clearly passed on some of their higher wisdom but left nothing behind as proof, only the stone melting of the blocks, and precision cutting of the sculptures bear testament to earlier more advanced creators.


2012. Why did the Mayans Predict Armageddon is a video that will help you understand my questioning of the accuracy of the start of the Mayan culture, which after all was predominantly based on the mysterious Olmecs. Their concept of time indeed does show millions of years as a mere gob in the spitoon of this circular time.


So have a look at this fascinating video just released in the last year, this is proof and no conspiracy theorists’ imagination.

This is why certain places are off-limits to tourism and indeed whole sections of our planet are shrouded in mystery by very dark agencies. Why Did NASA take over this part of the canyon? Portals and Subterranean Realms. You have to ask why we are not allowed in certain places, and why the difficult questions answers are hidden in dusty basements and lock-up rooms away from prying eyes. The proof has been hidden away as it destroys the regular narrative

Now is the time for a very open mind as we will have to say goodbye to all we have been taught and to perceive things very differently. It is a very bitter pill to swallow that we have been duped for so long and on so many levels.


Geologists are coming to the fore at last as ‘Is There A Sunken City Hidden Beneath the Black Sea?’ which discloses the much later end to the Ice Age than previously thought. The findings of Bronze age settlements deep in its dark murky waters make a mockery of when the last huge huge melt happened. Once you wrap your head around that mammoths were still there at 2,000 BC alongside Bronze age people then you can see that things are indeed very tricky. It also questions if indeed the Thracians were existing in a much larger area than previously thought as it would seem their artefacts are also down there. It’s fascinating to start to have a new idea as to the connections and climate of these ancient times which turns everything on its head. Flint and metal tools were used at the same time, it just depended on how affluent you were. It also surmises the Dorian Greeks were actually Thracians which delights the Bulgarians but no doubt will piss off the Greeks. With the Black Sea just a puddle before the big melt in that area, the Thracians would have easily been trading across this whole area even as far as Egypt. This is a big upheaval.

In Ayutthera searching for wisdom.

In this exploration of the timelines, we see that geologically it is now proven that sea levels rose so dramatically that whole civilisations’ endeavours have been submerged so the correct historical links have been lost and stories made up or fudged by ambitious scholars and archaeologists. Ice ages and planetary seasons and upheavals jiggled around to fit in with them.

As always, I want everyone to peek at the exciting new evidence being exposed, and look at a glorious complex history of this planet that goes back millions of years not just thousands, and exult in a new era of learning on a more spiritual level, and a clear-eyed, sharp and focused penetration of the truth dismissing all the brain fog and distraction of millennia.


Good luck with your journey, for this, will be the greatest trip this old bird will make and hopefully, you lot will come for the ride, let’s learn to use all of our brains rather than the twenty per cent that we now use. So have a look at the brilliant: ‘Where Did Humans REALLY Come From?!’ which is an interview from the amazing Paul Wallis with Steven and Evan Strong. This is a great big information banquet mostly talked through by the wonderful Steven. It’ll put you in the picture about many things that really you knew in the back of your mind (the twenty per cent you are using!!!) He enlightens and amuses at the same time.

While you ponder these new thoughts, I will prepare a post about Bulgaria and the Thracians, their beautiful intricate metalwork and art. I was there just three years ago and will now be going over in the next few months to further look at this new neck of the woods which should be very exciting!

Any thoughts? Is this all too much? Let me know your thoughts and bear in mind these are all recent reports.