This is just about weaning yourself off the overindulgence of the festive season and becoming more mentally, physically and spiritually healthier beings now and for the New Year and all your wonderful travels. I love you all xx



Christmas day I was the traditional glutton and slobbing around in my jimjams. I was alone but prepared for some solitude after the partying with family and friends, with and without dislocated knee and later broken ribs. I had protested with both injuries and had had great but exhausting, and sometimes very painful, rallies. I had done my bit and had been living on fumes.

Demo just before Xmas with cracked ribs

Now I don’t eat pig these days as I love these intelligent creatures and I am trying to cut back hard, on most meaty things. This year however I had gone down to Fortnums for a herb fed chicken that is supposed to be delicious but much to my surprise they had run out the previous day along with the bloody liqueur chocolates. Grumpily I bought a multipack of assorted tea bags and headed off to Marks. The long walk was gloomy as most of the shops on Picadilly were closed or indeed closed down and I had enough time to ruminate the terrible times of tyranny we are going through.

Finally, though safely inside Marks, my eye wandered over the meat section and my heart was won over by the pork belly with cracked pepper. I have loved this cut worldwide and though I say it myself, I am an extremely good cook. This sticky soft delicious thing when cooked for many hours would be my Christmas lunch.

My inspirational menu included a Thai takeaway box with glass noodles, spring rolls, beef, jasmine rice and green curry that would serve as separate mini-meals and the regular cheeses and smoked duck breast would be nibbled on. The heaving fridge finally contained many fruit and veg and a bottle of fizz. That would be adequate after the two bottles of red quaffed the previous day.

Christmas day was excellent and I sang and danced my day away with some great oldies I had forgotten I had on my laptop. My food was fabulous and even Boxing day was great with all the grazing fare but eventually, the party must end and so the 27th started my reform and mainly guilty preparation for a better and purer life.

In Mae Hon Song for the light festival


Well, after my greed and shame from partaking in a lot of food and drink over the last few weeks I am in full shame mode and decided that my damaged body was repaired enough for a little exercise, and seeing as my yoga mat has been left languishing on the living room floor for what seems an eternity, it is time to pull everything back together again. I set up my YouTube on the telly and did a little body slapping and the basic Tai Chi walking moves. The Tai Chi is new to me so it was good to start on the basics and because I have two left feet it’s good to start with this as it’s a common and vital flow move. So proud of myself. More tomorrow!

Woke up with a seriously achy rib this morning maybe my enthusiastic body slapping needs to be away from the ribs. Sadly when you have damaged your ribs it seems that most movements in most parts of the body are somehow connected.

Today more practising the walk and more gentle Qigong. Last night I did as told by a yogi guru for preparations for a good nights sleep. no eating at least three hours before sleeping, a cool shower, light a natural oil lamp and meditate. While going off to sleep tell yourself your body doesn’t really exist it’s just a receptacle as is your mind. A little unnerving maybe, but actually I slept like a baby. Today I feel very Zen and my aromatherapy diffusers are doing a fine job.

My morning ceremony is equally lengthy after I make my tea of lemon, star anise, pine needles, squeezed ginger and liquorice. This is followed by natural yoghurt and fruit and nuts and seeds. Then I take my supplements to ward off all the evils that are attacking the body in these times. Then the exercise, then the shower after body brushing and moisture from top to toe. It’s a lot but I really feel it’s prep time now for the New Year and no slacking!

During January and most of February, I am even more of a bloody saint and don’t drink or smoke. My routine is full and I do most of the work for the year in those two months. I am tedious to my usual friends and only really mix with people from the gym and hit the museums and art galleries. I am dry, toned, healthy, knowledgable and well, quite boring and hatefully smug.

Being more Zen in Thailands Chiang Mai

Of course, this doesn’t go so well if I’m travelling and clearly I have quite a few times in January and February been wandering the globe but when I am here then this is my ever-expanding programme for my days of spiritual and healthy living. It’s worth a go you old birds to prepare yourself for travelling. You can include proper research into the countries you wish to visit, their history and religions. The latest offerings on YouTube debunks all the things we thought we knew and now generally the history books are being rewritten and are fascinating you can also type in anything health-wise you’re interested in and final a wonderland of information for your newly crystal clear brain to absorb.

Happy hunting my friends. I’m hoping to go to South Africa in the New Year if they let me! I found this about their amazing stone circles. This has given me inspiration for my travels. I shall hit the British Museum next week to have a look at some of their art too.