Do tell if you have travel dreams, nothing too risque mind. OB.

I am writing this on a Sunday morning and it’s a very hasty dream morsel which no doubt I will add to in the future but I’m too woozy from painkillers to write my Mayan stuff. The photos are not connected just a series I worked on for a show and I felt they had a dream-like quality!

Mostly these bits come from the travel journal “back pages”. I hold my dreams in each book I take with my and as I move from place to place I scribble down what I can remember of my usually very restless nights sleep journeys. Never what you’d expect, nothing at all about where I’ve visited or food or local people, just the same old mixed up tumbledown snatches of a wandering anxious soul.

As I have been sofa bound due to buggering up my knee again (a small flick of my legs to get out of bed apparently is enough to undo all the good of meniscus surgery, I’m in agony but treating myself at home). I felt too woollen headed to finish my original blog about Tikal in Guatemala, so I found this dustily waiting for me to write and publish.


“So last night I had a dream. I was an air hostess and the plane floor was covered in sand and I had to crawl around the seats to clean up and kept finding treasures and wonderful things in the sand. It was a very satisfying job and from time to time I would shout out to keep me a good seat. Of course, the seats were similar to sun loungers and from time to time we would take off and land but I just stayed on the plane. Nothing more just that a great deal of happiness.”

Always something blocking your escape.

Not really rocket science to interpret that one from last night in Punta Allen but it really shows the difference between the horrible dreams that I was having in London under stress.

“I’m followed by a stranger whose face I can barely see, nervous but not really over-anxious then suddenly a huge jolt of paranormal fear like an electric shock. I know it’s the end”

The darker and supposedly innocent things become malevolent.

I have written in my journal about one dream.

“In the dream, I was in my living room and it was full of rabbits and primroses and a black and white Great Dane and an old boyfriend were lying on the sofa. So far so good. Then I notice that my big TV has been replaced with a tiny very old one. Odd very odd. Suddenly I’m outside driving a blue VW and then going for a walk with the dog and there’s a huge fight with another dog that was really terrible and my dog was badly injured. I take it back in the car then the dog drives too and we bump into another car. We are far from home and the car starts falling to pieces, so we get onto a motorbike and go over a wooden bridge which then turns back into a car again which I can’t stop and the key turns to mush in my hands. Boston (my son) calls he is shouting at me and I say I’m leaving the car with him and I can’t keep the dog. He has left all the things he doesn’t want at my place and was the one who took the TV. So fucked up. Things constantly appearing and disappearing mutating, so much anger and fear and violence after a pretty and innocent start.”

Uh, so Freudian.

“Then another a man comes into my old garden in Chislehurst saying I’d won a trip to Cuba and then Mexico. Huge party in the garden until I realise it’s a trick. We are actually in Trafalgar Square and a BLM rally sets fire to the National Gallery and somehow go to the British Museum too and bomb it. Both get covered after with huge swathes of pale blue fabric.”

Always we have the halcyon days crop up in dreams

Get that one, it was when BLM was pulling down statues all over the place which reminded me of the sacrilege of the Taliban destroying oh so much art all over.

“My dreams often include packing and cleaning up places, being late for airports, and phones with strange symbols on which I can’t use. I’m always trying to call in an emergency but I don’t know how to use them.”

Being condemned for some unknown transgression.

Clearly, I’m an anxious person with all the stress there is, there in England and just a beach bum here.

Punta Allen paradise where dreams are simple

Of my dream transformation here.

“I am watching many creatures coming through a tunnel of water in the sea, most are horses. They have just arrived as creatures of this earth. This was a super cool dream and I watched in wonder at all these lovely animals emerging from the water. Newly formed and beautiful. This long turquoise tunnel much like under the curl of a huge wave gambled the creatures, all graceful and all ready to populate the earth “

Born from the water

You might say well that’s not surprising you daft old bat, but it is indicative of actually being happy and writing and actually enjoying my life again. I dread coming home, those bad dreams will come again I’m sure.

Again, do tell me yours!!!