Or “What the FUCK was that over there?!


Furious I didn’t bring my underwater camera (shurely not Rebecca what were you thinking?) I’ve depended on the kindness of a stranger (Eric Parker) and my pal Andreas for the vids risking his phone in a dodgy water resistant case so I’ve added last years turtle vid too which I shot in Indonesia which is super clear!

Nurse shark arriving.

On the Boat for; Tarpons, Manatees, Sharks and a Huge Coral Reef.

Mad rush for grub. Some people are not keen on this but it does make for a fabulous experience to be thwacked around by sharks.
Off I go, diving down to look at something and graceful in my natural habitat.
Sea cucumber in it’s natural habitat.

Fresh sea air goggles and snorkel in hand we were off. At last the sea, my love the sea. Up til now it’s been elusive. Most of my time spent in the mountains and only Trujillo to sniff the ozone and eat fresh fish, but not to swim, far too cold even for me. so this finally was my great love and excitement, snorkelling reefs.


Teeming tarpons grab sardines
Tarpon at moment of grab!

Never seen these beasts before but feeding them sardines was an eye opener. My hand up to my wrist was engulfed by this huge baby’s mouth, I know this as it’s rasping teeth left a mark on my wrist. Apparently they’re a fisherman’s favourite as they put up a huge fight. There happily they were not allowed to be hunted. They have huge scales and are pink around the gills with a slate green colour on the rest of the body.

Manatees or Sea Cows.

These gentle giants that graze on the vegetation on the sea bed hence their names, were found on our first stop, we were told to give them space but a punch up between snorklers ensued. All wanted a brilliant photo or video, bashed and flippered I began to fight back in this skirmish for the manatee. It was a dirty fight, pushing banging and elbows in faces no holds barred. I had forgotten my underwater camera in London so for a change was free to really look at this lovely fat mermaid.

I thought she was a big rock at first!
It’s a sea cow not me, don’t be so rude!

Coral fish and Nurse Sharks.

Next stop the coral reef hooray. Second largest after the Great Barrier Reef it luckily is now protected. The “ship wreck” we swam over seemed rather staged but was rather romantic and tragic with its galley hatches and barnacles all over. fan coral wafted mysteriously in the current and many varieties of fish had made it their home. My friend who had risked his phone in a “waterproof” wallet was taking all the pics and videos so cheers Andreas, I was not ready to risk my phone after all.

Mr Turtle will not be ignored.

Last year in Indonesia

The next site was on the actual reef and as I jumped in the water I was surrounded by really big jacks. There were loads and they had no fear indeed swam right into your face nosily. The water was teaming with them

From when I had my underwater camera last year!


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