Yes, all organic!

Alert: This is a show-off post and a bit sweary. Also if you’re new then you really should have a look at the main site from which the blog springs. The concept if you will!

I’m brand spanking new as it were. Clean inside and out. Fresh as a daisy and raring to go. I am a self-righteous prig and smug, oh so smug.

Ready for action.

I’m close to completing my 30-day yoga course a la YouTube and still racing around everywhere by foot. Doing my breathing and meditating. Got my new water purifier jug to remove the surprisingly large amount of nasties from the water. I’m as organic and free-range as you can get, and even have made my own stock from venison bones from the farmers market.

Some of my supplements.

I take Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Shilajit, Chondroitin and MSM, Glucosamine, Ashwagandha, turmeric and black pepper, Lactobacillus and in my water mushrooms in liquid form, that is lions mane, reishi and cordyceps. I swear by this routine as (touch wood) I haven’t been even slightly sick in the two years that the shit started. I have been accident-prone as per usual but we don’t count that now do we?

I go to the library regularly and get books out about fucking reflexology, herbs, herb oils, mental health, general health food, and tai chi. Anything that educates and enlightens my new Zen persona. You get the point, I now am a bloody saint.

I cut and colour my hair and am now am discarding as much plastic from the house as humanly possible unless it promises me ” NO BPA”. I have replaced all underwear and T-shirts with pure cotton ones and have bought citric acid to dechlorinate bathwater. I have ordered Kilner jars to freeze my homemade stocks and broths in, and silicon zip bags for my reserve meals rather than buy supermarket crap.

I have downloaded apps on my phone to check beauty products, foodstuff and general groceries for nasties (I have yet to use these) and am going to chuck out all my non-stick pots and pans for traditional ones.

I have made my own organic soap with beautiful herb oils in and cleaned all my windows for the first time in nearly two years. I have got my diffusers on every day with lavender and bergamot (for upstairs) and holy basil and cinnamon for the living room. I have trimmed back the massive pampas grass that protects me from nosy neighbours and found some old parts of a ceramic totem pole and have put a sprinkling of burnished gold and bronze on them, ditto some ‘dinosaur’ eggs.

I have looked into air purifiers and shower filters (because now I know that chemicals are everywhere) and am ready to rip down my shower curtain which was very cheap so probably from China and slowly killing me with fumes while my skin is absorbing chlorine from the shower.

Clam broth at a Thai restaurant in Soho.

My sewing machine is out and I’m repairing and making stuff. I’m still looking at property in Bulgaria which is very cheap and I want to grow my own veg and have my own studio to make my art. I want to breathe clean air and live in beautiful countryside where I can wander in their forests and pick mushrooms and have a log fire in my little hovel! I’m becoming a regular fucking know it all, and loving it.

In short, I am holier than thou and probably a real pain in the arse to all my mates. I apologise profusely but my alcohol and fag free forty days in the wilderness makes me so. The brain fog and hangovers have gone and I’m a regular little Pollyanna.

I have been doing this for fourteen years now since I read that the liver takes forty days to renew all its cells and become pink and fluffy again rather than like an old bit of leather. This is the time of the year that I do all my main work and fix all the horrible messes I’ve made in the previous debauched year and prepare for that elusive next trip.

Biodynamic dippy eggy. So delicious

I am a superwoman rather than the drunk and disorderly one that staggers around on various misadventures during the festive season. What’s that you say? Like the rest of the year? It’s all year, isn’t it? Well, that’s rude my old birdies!

I’m hoping you’re all getting your suitcases out and blowing the dust off them ready to explore, even if it’s in this country rather than further afield. I would remind you to check out the homepage of my blogs site to remind yourself of the ethos of travelling alone and the wonderful adventure that is awaiting you in 2022.


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