Brutus and my son Boston. I bought ‘the brute’ for my sons thirtieth birthday

Day that you never expect especially when you get a sudden improvement after chemo. He had a burst of pure energy and almost became puppylike again for a short time. Our boy came back to us in a new invigorated way.

The calming blanket for when he became too exuberant
Moaning for me to get up.

My son took him out camping and into woods and countryside while he enjoyed this magical ‘remission’ but it was just a short respite. Having said that, I think this was a blessing given to us all, knowing that the last push had been worth it as he literally was a new dog just for a short time.

Brutus with Soho George

My son saw warning signs in the last few days and took him into the vets this morning after seeing him poorly again. Brutus was in no pain at any point but this looked like a prelude to a lot of suffering and the bullet was bitten and Boston allowed the vets advice to stop before there was any pain.

Whistling Boston and Brutus

As I sit here crying, I just thought it better I wrote about the good times and raise a glass to our boy Brutus for a last ‘huzzah!’.

Super model

Brutus, you gave us all so much joy. You were a fine specimen of a dog and also funny, stubborn, naughty and very inquisitive. You will never stop me from loving all things bulldogs and life.

RIP Brutus Magnificus