This post starts innocently from my journal but things change.

From my journal:

I was bored in Tulum. My tequila pals had gone and bar my friend at the French patisserie and coffee shop, I had nobody I really related to. On Thursday ? had given me the inspiration to go to Ek Balam a site often missed, though relatively nearby, and I got super excited again and went the following morning. Today is Sunday and I’m by the pool at the Hacienda Inn airport hotel in Merida. Tomorrow morning I will be flying to Oaxaca.

My long and lovely day trip to Ek Balam, the pyramid of the Angels had worked it’s wonder on me and although exhausted when I got back and I saw to my dismay a lot of calls from London on my Mexican phone that I had stupidly left at the hotel, I would have to deal with that in the morning as it was too late to call back. So I hit the sack woke up sent an email to London and got called straight back, all was well and there was no rush for me to return as things are still dire there. With that out of the way and one concern dealt with, I went over the road for some breakfast to find to my absolute delight, that they had eggs Benedict, so sat there making my bookings while waiting for my treat.

First the flight. The day was kinda thrust on me for early Monday morning as they have so few direct flights. It’s all rather tricky they love to divert you to MC and I wanted DIRECT. After I had booked that, I needed an airport hotel for Merida, for I’d have to get the bus the next morning i.e. today and stay the night as my flight was at 06.55. Booked this place then tried to use my ADO app (even tho I was right opposite the bus station but my delicious eggs Benedict came with baby potatoes and a kind of coleslaw with pumpkin seeds had arrived) so I continued stubbornly on my phone app. That was a cock up which I had to rectify after my yummy eggies at the actual bus station. (more haste less speed Rebecca as my maths teacher used to tell me) The last step was the hotel on Oaxaca. Although I loved the one I was in before I decided to be brave and try another cheapy there that’s also in the centre.

So you see that’s how it all works. One day you’re all bemused and confused as to what your next step should be, then you get a bit of help from the angels (and the magical butterflies) at an ancient pyramid and boom you’re out of town before you know it. This tricky journey only took me an hour to book up once I had decided the route.

That my old birds, is how I roll. This morning I was in Tulum, now in Merida and tomorrow (hopefully) in Oaxaca, the uber cool arty place that I loved so much before.

There were the usual hiccups, reorganising my bus ticket (that ADO app works most of the time…) and then not being able to re-find my boarding pass which I had taken a screen shot of while I suddenly had it from the company, only for it to disappear again. It was making me fret what if this dodgy shot couldn’t be read by its slightly blurry bar code? I went to the concierge here and of course it couldn’t be when he tried it on his phone, but to my amazement (for I was a little snooty about this hotel) he very professionally sorted in the space of time it takes to smoke a cigarette. So now I have a proper printed boarding pass and am soooo glad I checked it and had this wonderful man sort me out.

Taxi booked for 05.30 hours and hopefully a good kip tonight means let’s hope I’ll be necking a beer by 10 tomorrow in Oaxaca main square. More later.


This is a warning story.

Although all went like clockwork in the early hours of the morning, as to my waking up after a surprisingly good kip, and a neat departure from the hotel, things were not as they seemed. The airport was immaculate and my Volaris flight on time. The boarding was a little slow but I was so pleased to have got over my anxiety about flying and generally the drawn-out journey to Oaxaca from Tulum, that I didn’t get alarmed at the mist pouring out of the vents over our bodies. Now I have flown before when the air hostesses walked along with canisters of spray giving the plane a good old poisonous spray of some ghastly anti-bug toxin. They would always warn you of their intentions and in those happy days, it was just that, fly spray.

Now however, things have changed, this unannounced insidious mist was not announced and the windows were weirdly fogged up. It all seemed a little odd but I was tired and not my usual alert self.

Volaris it would seem are pioneers in Mexico for being the first to use this method against COVID. They have won some kind of award for it. It was only when I arrived at my hotel in Oaxaca feeling dreadful that a warning came up on one of my Telegram groups about the hellish concoction they were using, clearly unlawfully, on other flights too.


Read this it’s vital. Here’s the info:

Worldwide 5G Genocide Starting in OctoberBy Benjamin Fulford Letters to the Editor 59 Comments

Dear Mr. Fulford,

I was badly poisoned on 2 recent humanitarian flights home from Central America, through Houston airport and on to Canada, as was my travel partner- we almost died. The airlines were United and Air Canada. Upon trying to detoxify and researching what happened to us, I discovered that they are using new ‘Fogging’ nanotechnology chemicals, metals, and aerosols on aircraft under the guise of new anti-COVID 19 measures.

Through multiple holistic means, we were found to be actively poisoned with ‘Benzalkonium chloride, benzyl chloride, chloro-aceto phenone’, ammonia, radioactive aluminum, radioactive mercury, and nanobot technology. The first few chemicals used are on the list of WW1 chemical warfare agents on Wikipedia here (others are degradation products from the human body processing these poisons):

The two nano-chemicals I believe were used on our aircraft are (confirmed by a private jet company as the main chemicals used for Fogging):




The cognitive impairment from this experience cannot be described (from perfect health to vision loss, nausea, hearing loss, loss of equilibrium, inability to process information, inability to speak, read or write, seizures and so much more. I am blessed to work in health and to have gone on an immediate and rigorous detox program which helped significantly though long term- impairment may be the outcome as these are very noxious poisons. Others on our flight or other flights might not be as lucky.


First, they spray a sheet of positively charged ‘nano-glass’ called electrostatic spraying (sometimes with chemicals and sometimes without), then they aerosol the entire plane with the active nano-particle chemicals (as shown on the websites above), which are said to self-replicate for up to 10 days after application, only they are using the chemicals between every single flight, and in some cases all night long for 8 hours straight. Traveler’s then board the plane just 60 minutes after application.

Apparently the nano-material technology makes it so that the product cannot be re-applied repeatedly and once coated, it will reject more coating for the next 10 days back into the air.

This is advertised as making the product go-farther with less use’ but when applied repeatedly as airlines are doing, the result is that these charged atoms spew back into the air as a potent positively charged aerosol being attracted to the next neutral or negatively charged atoms that enter the flight, such as the body and lungs of human beings.

As if this were not enough, they end the treatment with a UV light blast of the entire aircraft, using mercury lights which when turned on, release a potent mercury vapor into the air, to further cause harm to the coming passengers.

If you dig into this, you will quickly see that this is nothing short of an aerosol vaccine program meant to incept healthy humans with unapproved, unconsented poisons and nano-technology.

The worst part is that this is already happening in schools, and some public places, and soon to be in stores, malls, movie theaters, condo building lobbies and subways, buses and rental cars. Children around the world are being diagnosed with rare brain diseases and I believe it’s from exposure in schools.

I have PDF’s full of info I can send you if you want more info on Fogging, however, my own personal poisoning, awful as it is, is not why I contacted you.



Now, I know that something was amiss because I felt terribly ill yesterday, I’m talking about dizzy, weak, disorientated and even was coughing. I had been absolutely fit and fine before the flight. All day I tried to convince myself that it was fatigue but I know better. I know my body and I’ve travelled worldwide and have never experienced this horrific sick feeling. I want to warn you all about this because I can verify the above message that is all over the web now about this new disgusting way they are trying to kill us off. This seems dramatic but even today I’m off. I’m having problems focussing and am aching all over. Even if the one used on Volaris is of a weaker nature or not is yet to be seen.

I’ve searched to no avail what the hell they are using and will be continuing to email them and carry on my research on this but if anyone has any info please let me know.

I still feel terrible and although I’m not sure if it helps have spent this afternoon washing all the clothes I was wearing. I feel absolutely helpless and have seen on my dungarees a discolouring in patches that was not there before. It’s all after the event and I really don’t know anything about this new threat.

I have a constant headache and still feel very weak. I’ll keep you posted, but absolutely avoid any flying unless you have an assurance that they will not be ‘misting’ your aircraft.