Alert: This post is from last year when the hideous boredom had set in from lockdown. This year is very different and truly fabulous. I’m in Tulum Mexico and will be in Campeche for Easter Sunday which is a green zone so freedom man. No doubt I’ll say a cheers to you all in England, specifically to my friends in London. Love you all.

All the Pagan good wishes and some decent Christian values for us all, peace man!!

More an art work than an egg?

Now inevitably during this so-called lockdown, we have turned to the booze and food. We have crammed our larders and freezers more like at Xmas than any other time of the year in normal circumstances. Our fat little faces are yearning this festival to bring some normalcy back into, scary monster times. We have the perfect weather to frankly, just for a few days, make-believe none of this is happening. I know those on the front line of this catastrophe won’t know this luxury (my postie mate in Doncaster has the long weekend but she’s been working so hard that she is taking pain killers for her legs, hello Sam!) but for the rest of us we CAN make-believe all is well and childlike have a lovely weekend.

My intended pub corner for tomorrow as long as not too many people get the same idea!

For those living alone now.

For the old birds and all those living alone, it’s a time for really using your imagination so as not to despair. Some of you will be lucky enough to at least have a pet, others not. Either way, you gotta make out it’s a normal feast, and celebration of the renewal of life and hope.

My home made sun lounger using an easel, breeze block and duvet!

The Big Shop.

Now I’m aware this looks rather greedy for an old bird like me, but I have a plan. I will cut the lamb half joint in half again and freeze one half which really is a quarter if you think about it? Interestingly I arrived at 8 for my best chance of getting lamb, you just gotta have lamb at Easter ffs. There were only 6 legs so my early rising to go was well worth the effort, people are finding hunting down lamb very tricky now for some reason.

My yummy Easter goodies

A nod to a Greek Easter.

Because I lived in Greece for six years I will give a nod to that most important of festivals and walk over to Soho Square’s Church later and light my candle then walk home keeping it alight with my feverish Pagan-and-all Religion-Prayers-of-the world, and vibe out peace. I will hop to a little Buddhist trance like state while gazing at the flame too. Hopefully I will have kept my candle alight and will cross the threshold with its flame which should leave a sooty reminder of a cross above your head to bless and protect you and your house. Although not religious per se, this is a very good way for a person alone to feel more at peace and part of something more important.

Dinosaur eggs.

Also as in Greece, yesterday I dyed and boiled eggs. Now I had red from last year and chucked it in with my eggies and then vaguely remember putting in a dash of vinegar. Ooooooops. It went sort of brown and bobbly, I looked on in horrid fascination as strange reactions occurred in my now witches cauldron . I ended up with some rather strange dinosaur eggs, my preparations were starting to become very bizarre, normally they should be blood red and a few other bright colours for the kids but not ever like this.

Small, sad tiny procession yesterday in Soho Square.

Small section of a mummies right to humiliate her son with old Easter pics…..and to soothe her soul with love.

Boston at St Georges Easter bonnet competition
Boston wiv his wabbit
Boston being a celebration of spring (poor child)

ALERT : Prosecco time now my lovelies. We shall talk again tomorrow and I’ll report in how my plans go. There will be a chocolate face mask involved don’t miss it!!!