Hate will be dealt with, with a loving and positive force.

For all the nasty things that have been sent to me my answer is this. Just research. Use your brain and look about you. I will not engage with people who don’t use their brains. .

So. To reinforce about crimes against humanity


All my thoughts and points of view are just that. I don’t expect anybody to use my other sites in a malignant way. I am happy to discuss, but don’t react with any human who is malignant.

Now I’m adding this as I sit here. I always gave force to the gay community in Soho during the “gay plague” I cuddled them and kissed my gay mates when most people saw them as a danger to health, and why wouldn’t I?

Literally, I would have to have sex with a gay guy to get that virus this and it was a nonsense (my gay friends wouldn’t want me to have sex with them, even my besties). Yes there are, and were, and will continue to be, viruses of all kinds. We also know how they are transmitted and this flu is like with a normal flu people used to say, “Oof! You’ve got flu mate, stand back I don’t want it” and laugh and see them in the pub a few days later. However many people have turned against anyone not wearing a mask now, not wanting their human contact or love. This is the most bizarre turnaround in human nature. It’s what happens when ignorance abounds. There is no safety when there is ignorance.

There was also a normal old fashioned attitude. You needed your kids to catch different invasive diseases. We used to leave our kids to pop a sweetie back in their mouths after dropping it on a filthy floor, or send them to chicken pox parties. This was a way for children to get immunity. In these newly disinfected ways of life not only won’t they achieve a healthy immune system and be happy normal kids, but you will have terrified them and given them serious mental health issues, and add to that super bugs will arise. Just a thought and happy Xmas.

My friends, just do your research, don’t listen to me. Just do your due diligence.

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  1. I’ve put my comments on manual due to the nasties crawling out of the walls whenever I have the nerve, to speak the TRUTH. They are so busy mirroring what they heard on MSM or reflecting the horrific cess everywhere, that they have zero tolerance to understand we as a nation have been invaded by China. I will not allow any negative on my blog nor in my life. None. You stay strong and hold the line. State your truth. And ignore the ignoramuses who dishonor not only themselves but try to do the same to us as well. People cannot THINK for themselves that the world is being crushed all over a virus that has almost a 100% survival rate. Say what?

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      1. I am STUNNED people are NOT seeing the dangers. Those in this country, God bless them, who escaped from communism, are terrified for they are seeing the signs. I am speaking up, yet TOO many will not hear me or either that make my life hell. Our freedom is worth standing up for doing what is right. When this is all over imagine the guilt and remorse as people who refused to take a stand realize how damn close we came to be taken over by CCP! I will not tolerate nasty cowards in my life. When the truth is known, and oh yes it shall, I honestly don’t want anything to do with anyone who refused to be a proud and brave Patriot. God bless you! Stay strong. I am so proud to know you!!! (friend of Rob’s) I do not fight back nastily. I do however state my case very firmly and very calmly and warn them that what is coming will shock them for the rest of their lives. ….. And yes I am a Digital Soldier! Exhausted at that but keep on going!! xoxoxoxo


      2. Got a demo tomorrow for the children, then Monday when parliament are voting about making vaccine compulsory. I’m exhausted but I know I have to stand up and be counted (as I said in my video on an earlier demo) love you hun keep brave and strong xxx

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      3. Can’t turn on English subtitles. But I believe you! I’ve known for a LONG time C p[l]andneic was deliberately released as a tool of war. Oh I thank goodness that people are stepping forth finally!! Hang on I think I LOT at once is going down!! Thank you so much for this info!!

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      4. Agreed. I’m so done with this. I had a librarian manager stalk me, harass me and outright attacked me every time I came into the library. I have THREE medical conditions that make me exempt from wearing a mask, but she refused to let me in unless I wore one Last interchange with her when she again assaulted me verbally to put my mask over my face I said, “I cannot breathe!” She replied, “I don’t care, put that mask on your face!” I shouted ….. GET OUT OF MY SPACE! She ran! I’ve been so mistreated over this mask crap. I’m an RN! Masks are not antiviral! Never have been never will be. OHhhhhhhh the truth is coming out. I am SO ready for these commies to be arrested for treason, murder and for crimes against humanity. Ready!

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      5. Honey, our nightmare is almost over. I could just cry. Just hang on a little while longer. I truly believe it had to play out this way so ALL players involved in this evil are brought to JUSTICE. Our President is brilliant beyond what we can imagine, and he knows exactly how to make the moves. He’s going to tie EVERYTHING together.


      6. LOL I just wrote the same thing about stay strong a bit longer. I will encourage you!! I have “heard” there are a lot of healing modalities that have been deliberately held back and they are literally miraculous. That too is coming …… Pharma is OUT! I have dreamed of having a well body. I thank ME that I took care of myself until I could get to the day this body is fully healed. Imagine. Just imagine!! Now that makes me SMILE!! xo


      7. Adore you wish me luck for tomorrow and Monday. The police love being given the go ahead to be fascist thugs now. We ran around into the back roads and then rejoined our protect last time.

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      8. I will keep you in my prayers. Many going to DC tomorrow. Thugs are getting ready to make huge trouble. We need the military to step in. It cannot be soon enough. Be careful! (((HUGS)))!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU~ oxoxoxoxox


      9. Oh good. I would love to see the pictures. And I am on the exact page. I will NOT stop fighting for freedom and for what is right until my last breath! It’s so hard to keep fighting and pushing and standing up when all around you are looking at you as if you are the mental one. Such sheep!! Never will I allow anyone, especially government tell me how to live or what to put in MY body. Bless you, fellow Sister Warrior!! (((HUGS)))!! xo


      10. The sheeple must learn at some point or all take the vaccine. Silly sheeple. Think they must have been dim at school that’s why they like bullying now. Goodnight my friend got to count sheep for a sleep🤣💤got to be fresh for a long march tomorrow x

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      11. Police have squashed today both in London and Brighton. Won’t happen in parliament square Monday. To avoid police harrassment they moved today’s to Clapham Common and I am too far. It’s what they are doing here but Monday they won’t escape the fury

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      12. Oh, Luv, what we are going through right now, you in different ways then I am, we both will look back upon all this not believing we honestly survived this insanity. I don’t know about you but I will NEVER again take freedom for granted!

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