Interest in art, museums, archaeology et al.

ALERT: Now the cultural centres are opening again I’m seeking out museums and galleries as they cautiously open like green shoots from the devastated earth. I’m getting out there and call to all my old birdies to come with me to bathe in the warm glow of art and beauty. This post is a reminder of why we are human and from whence we came. It’s a timely reminder from my main site of the wonder not the ugly face of these vile days.

Fly again my little birdies, fly from the cruel coop!

So get out and visit some of the museums that will inspire you for when travelling is easier. Prepare for the places you want to visit by seeing places you’ve always meant to go to in your home country. Find out the words you need to know in the country you plan to visit to get the juices flowing.

Fly my little birds fly.

Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively, unless you can choose a challenge instead of a competence.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

Top Tip: On all my trips I have to have access to history and art. As an artist myself I find inspiration and happiness by always going to places where I can plan a circuit of the major museum and historical sights. The planning of this can be done on the road. It’s half the fun. Wonderful Google maps will let you mark places of interest and even give you the best walking route. I request museums first and mark them and then galleries etc as well. Then a heart marker for where you’re staying. If things are near enough always walk. You absorb your environment, get an idea of the layout of the area, and you will be able to spot good restaurants and bars for later or indeed straight away to rest your trotters! It’s a surefire way of feeling confident in your territory and aware of shortcuts, and saving money! Taxis are all very well for inaccessible places but you never get the feel of the place.

British Museums famous Egyptian statues section

Go to the local Government Information Centre for maps and advice on the local public transport. They will give you a good map of the area which will open to a larger area than your IPad. It’s an extra tool and weighs nothing. Do not be tempted by other information centres that will hard sell you into expensive trips with exactly the sort of people you don’t want to mix with!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is national-art-museum-sp.jpg

I will write a section at a later section in one of my hints or “Top Tips” sections which will be marked in pink when the relevant blog surfaces and an “Alert” when you should be aware of something (see above!)

Peruvian artifact in Trujillo museum

Below are a few shots at the beginning of my Trans Siberian Express railway trip and more obvious glories. This is a taster as I have rather a lot of pics from the more cultural trips (most of them) and there are obviously are a lot of swimming and snorkelling, trekking and natural beauty, and of course animals, lots of animals.

There will be large sections on archaeology as well, and the sometimes murderous journeys to get to the sites (cave paintings on an island in Sicily for example) If you want to go to places where tourists rarely roam you have to go on more tortuous journeys with more planning involved! This is part of your wonderful adventure.


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