Easter thoughts before my disastrous chocolate mask experiment below….

I’m starting to write this on the night before Easter Sunday. I actually feel happy. Living alone much like travelling alone is an art. There is no confusion, actually a lot of clarity. Who can actually survive without the usual conventions of normal society. It’t difficult for sure but not really as bad as everyone is making out.

We now have to live without a constant blast of external interference and actually start to think of what matters. This might be an understanding of what actually is meaningful. Our friends and family, how food actually gets to you , what you desire and what you actually believe in. Now you have the time to dream of what you really wanted from life, and indeed, what life is all about. You have a chance to think. Make the most of this precious time to not be bombarded with nonsense and noise and find your true self again.

This is your time to unmuddle your brain and take stock. Enjoy it and find yourself again.

Unwash the brainwashing of recent years and start to find your own ideas and confidence of who you are as an individual. The amazing thing about human beings is the way they are able to come up with their own ideas. They are wrks in progress and that’s why they share such disparate ideas.

Now is the time you beautiful and exceptional animals to prove you are worthwhile. Now is your time.

We can now be more mindful of the planet as a whole after being given a shock. We can now start to rebuild as the new better human race. We can also be more aware of the darker forces that manipulate. So let’s pull together and think in this way.

Now for the chocolate mask experiment!

I am fearlessly going ahead with this possibly very dangerous experiment.

The already bashed egg is put in place
A small amount of sagging but that’s to be expected
Hmm. Not what iI was hoping for
Oh god what have I done!
This is terrible
Couln’t even breath at all had to open mouth

My experiment needs tweeks and videos will follow as Mr Google is a little slow today. I’ll put them in later……..


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