OR Jabs Meds, Exercise and…… CAUTION!!!!


Two weeks injured thought the waters here full of minerals would maybe help!

ALERT. At this time I am sitting in my kitchen pondering the news after yesterday’s X-ray. I have indeed broken my foot! Or if you will, oblique fractured my outer carpel (the long foot bone under the little toe). If you remember I’ve been moaning on about my limp and periodically hugely ballooning foot. This injury I sustained in Merida Mexico (so about a month ago) from stumbling of my bathroom step and violently twisting my foot and ankle. So all the people who said it wasn’t broken? WRONG!

Soaking my feet in Hierve El Agua hoping the minerals might help

This is exactly why I have written this post now. It’s so easy to have these smaller accidents while you’re tired from travelling or just in a rush for that boat, train , aeroplane. They sneak up on you and, ironically, usually when you think you’re safe. That’s why they say accidents are more common at home.

iNDIAN BLACK TOE ill fitting shoes caused this in India and the nail finally came off while snorkelling in Indonesia

I was running from the bathroom to chuck my washed clothes into my suitcase and forgot the step.That’s all. A small step after the heights and dangers of mountain edges and temple steps. The spiral steps of Tierradentro, the pushing crowds at cliff edges of Machu Picchu, the hiking down the knotted steep paths at Semuc Champey, all the things where there was real danger and I would mutter to myself “This is so dangerous, this is soooo dangerous concentrate Rebecca. Concentrate”

Huge weight loss in Borneo after jungle food left me with dysentery.

Booooom! I went down like a sack of potatoes twisting my foot and ankle and smashing my arm into the door frame. The shock and the pain stopped me from crying and I immediately thought of damage control as I hobbled to my bed. The whole of Mexico to see yet and I wasn’t sure if it was just a serious twist. Tomorrow I would see and maybe it would be OK til I got home, I didn’t want to delve into my travel insurance unless absolutely necessary.Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow was my mantra until I got to Madrid when I finally gave in and called for an appointment with my Doc who gave me a referral for an X-ray the next day.

Just an old bird wanting to be healthy and well for her travels.

They wanted to give me a boot and to self inject blood thinners every day into my stomach ( shurely not editor?!) and the very sharp and unpleasant nurse in a A&E was not pleased when I said I would not be doing that. She even said why did you even bother to come in if you’re not going to do as I say. Well love, there’s a reason for that. I wanted to check that it was indeed a fracture and that there was nothing to interfere with the healing process (i.e. bone fragments or trapped muscle). I now will be resting it and writing my blog. I shall sort out my photos and videos and stock up on yummy food and drink for Xmas. I will hibernate and take my supplements and food to help with the healing. It’s remarkable that I managed to complete Mission Mexico, running for tight flight connections and climbing archaeological sites stumbling around the uneven ground. It has started mending even after that so now with proper rest it should finish the process.

Wear appropriate clothing in the cold

TOP TIPS: You might notice foot problems have been a recurring theme, I am clumsy and get over excited easily so I do tend to suffer those kinds of injuries but realistically I have mainly been ok on my big trips…..geddit?!! If your stomach is fragile remember bottled water even for brushing your teeth, only ice in reputable places. Only try something more extreme food-wise when you don’t have a big trip the next day, you don’t want to have the trots while away from toilets! always carry painkillers anti acids and eye drops with you in your bum bag and a small container of cream for lips and blisters (no Indian black toe for you!) always have a hat and water with you and obviously sun screen. Wear a T shirt for snorkelling to avoid serious sunburn and keep wetting your head to avoid sunstroke which I had after swimming with that beautiful turtle in Indonesia. Spray with your anti mosquito Jungle Formula at all times (terrible mosquitos at Machu Picchu and some other archaeological sites and anywhere with water) especially if you’re not taking tablets. Exercise your legs while flying to avoid DVT. First sign of a cold or cough take seriously, I was out of the game at the end of my Asia trip by contracting a vicious Asian flu that remained with me for another two weeks when back home. If I hadn’t been so Cavalier I could have avoided it.

Healthy food, exercise, and some T.L.C. to keep you in shape for your journey.

Health List.

  • So although I didn’t use my insurance I had bought it and if things had got worse used it, always always buy insurance.
  • Get all your jabs including yellow fever, Although my certificate was never checked they do periodically especially if there has been a flare up somewhere, you don’t want to be blocked from entering a country. Check if malaria is a high risk in the area you’re going to, if so take the tablets otherwise a strong spray should be enough.
  • Be generous with the quantity of your regular medication. I ran out out this time and felt a bit panicky
  • Have a first aid kit including painkillers with you
  • Check with your Doc if there is any reason why you shouldn’t do any of the stuff you are planning then ask how to modify to your specific condition if he or she has concerns
  • Always check all your medical stuff in plenty of time. Some things take a while to sort.
  • Exercise regularly for at least six weeks before you leave and do your balancing exercises all the time they seem silly but are super important
  • Concentrate at all times when you’re busy, maybe even get into the zone by self teaching awareness books or audio books. It’s normally when your concentration has gone when an accident may occur.
  • Be safe in all respects when travelling, do not take risks in any capacity.
The occasional wobble is OK