My turtle!

I travelled over to Indonesia only because I checked the top ten snorkelling places in the world and it listed Bunaken, a small island in the ring of fire. It was hard to get to (which I loved the idea of) but it meant a stopover in Jakarta. I didn’t really understand that it’s a pretty grim capital and I managed to arrive in the middle of a very tense weekend of demonstrations which closed down a lot of places and made the area I had chosen to stay in more dodgy than usual.

Modern Art Gallery, Jakarta

There were two highlights that I wrote about, one being the modern art gallery that was newly opened, and a lovely restaurant with its own cabaret of fan dancing and truly delicious food. The other was their National Museum but sadly that was mostly closed so was a huge disappointment. Frankly, I was glad when I got out of Jakarta and winged my way off to finally arrive after another stopover in Bunaken.

Fish and clear, clear water in Bunaken

If ever you get a chance to go there the snorkelling is indeed magnificent.