About Rebecca Taylor

From a family of artists in Kent and the usual disfunctional things that arise from that, all I really wanted to do was travel. Which I did.

I moved to London and used it as my bouncing board for Barcelona then Athens where I modelled and later made a profuse number of hammy TV commercials which led to comedy films with Nikos Perakis a top Greek film director.

Running away from an ill judged wedding I returned to my roots and started ceramic sculpting and was accepted as a professional member by the craft potters association , an accolade at the time.I then turned a barn into a studio in Chislehurst on the farm I grew up on and got busy for a lot of exhibitions in London and vicinity.

Frustrated for artists in Soho, I opened a small art gallery there named Si Senor! which was a great success and meant I could start travelling as I  had the dreaded itchy feet again.

Artistic inspiration from the many countries I visited led to my photography outlet, and finally the limestone carving came from my many visits to Egypt !

Phew, have a look….

“Rebeccas Odyssey”

“Setting out on an adventure worthy of Homer,  Rebecca went to Greece, carved out a modelling career, became a film star then taught herself sculpture and established herself as an artist in her own right.”

This was an article written about me in the West End Extra. It continued:

 “Every woman deserves an adventure”

Correct girls?

DSC_0262 (1)
Photo: @travelmakerkai

I think that’s right.

We all deserve many adventures!

It’s a call to arms!! C’mon, let’s do it!

What it didn’t mention was the amount of travelling I had done on my odyssey. Travelling all over for my work whilst based in Barcelona for two years and Athens for six. I learnt both languages and loved going around the Greek islands and travelling to different places for my modelling work

Every time I return to Soho thinking I’ve done enough and its time to stay home for a while I just get cabin fever again.

That’s why in the last few years I’ve travelled all over Asia, Russia Mongolia and central Europe. I’ve done this alone and sometimes it’s been hairy but mostly it has been magnificent. It’s tested me as a person and enriched my life. I want to share this with you and see if I can help people get the confidence to be 




You see, travelling is in my blood and when deprived of it I am like a caged bird and languish.

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