The wet bits section…..

Down and dirty at the beach. Swimming, snorkelling, diving, boogy boarding or just plain sunbathing? Onboard a boat for some fishing aswell? Climbing and trekking around the coastline? Gazing out to sea?Breath in that air and get ready for your wet bits!

Plenty to do by the water rather than just sitting around. When you finish your activity its great to have that beer at the beach bar, or meal at a restaurant you’ve come across, or a lovely picnic of fresh produce you’ve picked up at a local shop!! You can sit on a boulder and look into a rock pool while you munch on your lunch. No judgement on your table manners, you’re alone and can be a piggy, there’s nobody to interfere or judge!!

Off to snorkelling!

That emptybeach was mine all mine after a hike over the hill in the background! Safety first if in an isolated enviroment like this. Stranger danger, swimming alone and safekeeping of valuables will covered in later blogs where appropriate.


These people had to pay for directions by taking a pic of me being silly! Don’t worry my hat was in my rucksack on the ground next to me, along with a shirt to cover those shoulders. I will also cover the tips for avoiding heat fatigue in later blogs.

Swimming with whale sharks

Well you dont have to go this mad. But you can!!! This is a time when you need swim buddies! Details of this trip will be linked later. Whale sharks are gentle giants by the way, no limbs were lost!

Pasta at the beach with clams and mussels is heaven. Something about the ozone in the air suits all fishy things which are bound to be super fresh!

my swimming buddy

I swam with this lovely turtle for twenty minutes out to sea. I was mesmerized. She waited for me each time I stopped swimming next to her. I fell in love with her beautiful and graceful gliding through the water, turning her head ponderously from side to side to eat jelly fish. Wet trip at its best but also most dangerous. I was so busy filming I hadn’t realised I had swum about a quarter of a mile out. I was told off by crew and suffered heat stroke after!

Cautionary tales are all the way through the blogs. I’ve learnt by bitter experience so you don’t have to!! I also got smashed in the head by a boat . The guy apologised profusely but that’s not really the point is it?