Alert: Already things have changed today so it would seem there is now a stay of execution and also a capitulation on other fronts. Be strong old birds, hold the line. (videos to follow)

Outside of Downing Street on Saturday lie scrubs and uniforms that were thrown there by the workers of the NHS who are ready to leave their vocation rather that have the jab.

Alert: The corruption of the British Government is now visible, with their lies and duplicity coming out for all to see, they truly have sold themselves out completely to the Global elite. You might ask why on a travel blog for older women am I writing and concerned about this? I’ll tell you why.

About five years ago I started to have a gut feeling that I must travel the world quickly. It was a terrible feeling, which I put down to getting older and panicking that I would not be healthy enough, or strong enough to tackle solo travel to the places I felt were of importance. It was very persistent and not to be ignored hence the last five years of condensed travel across all the main continents. I was like a tornado of mad old bird force, a maelstrom of pure energy!

I went first to India, Thailand, Cambodia, and then on the Trans Siberian Express across Russia and Mongolia and finished in China (where some students at an art gallery actually told me to expect a huge move by the CCP to start a global takeover). I pushed on to Vietnam and back to Thailand. I visited the whole of Eastern Europe and any countries I had missed so far in Europe. Another trip took me to Borneo and the rest of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Then South America pulled me in so I hit Colombia and Peru and then travelled to Guatemala and Mexico. Then last year I returned to Mexico to write a book on the Mayans, hoping the worse of this shitstorm would be over but I doubted it. Seven months later I was at a quarantine hotel at Heathrow knowing that the shitstorm was actually just starting and travel was now in peril.

I also knew I would have to fight even harder for us old birds and the young chicks, indeed for humanity as a whole. I would have to stand and be counted as I had said at a rally in 2020 when the stench of tyranny was in the air and the Government and MSM was in cahoots and snapping at our feet with their lies. Their blatant complicity with the pharmaceuticals and the elite was gobsmacking. These idolators cash cows are the very monsters that want to reduce the global population by 90 per cent! They ain’t going to try to help you!

Do some research yourself, don’t trust me, just think why would the people be trying to reduce the population, aim to cure it? They don’t want you, the ordinary person well, they want to control and to slowly kill you off while experimenting on you. They don’t want you to look at using your beautiful immune system and using natural supplements to keep you healthy, they don’t make money if you’re healthy. They are giving backhanders to all and sundry to lie and enforce this genetic experiment. The scaremongering is key, that’s why I refuse to feel fear as it feeds the monster.

I think you get the message from this banner.

I had a mild dose of sniffles after I went to Chinatown to deliberately catch this flu at the beginning while I was still strong and healthy after returning from a trip. Since then I have been very healthy and mixing with all and sundry. I have never worn a mask and I exercise and take a handful of supplements along with a healthy diet of free-range and organic meat and fruit and veg. I will write a list of supplements that I recommended for my brother after being jabbed. He is 74 and I was alarmed and fearful for him in case ha suffered side effects. He was also scared when he realised the risks but now is feeling strong again and will not be brainwashed into this dystopian nightmare by getting a booster. I am so proud of him, he only had the first two to travel as a lot of people did but us old birds know better don’t we?!

So proud of them. Really wonderful people

My next post will be for those who have been injected and are now scared and want to attempt to cleanse their bodies of graphene oxide and malicious spike proteins.

Just sayin’ !

To a degree, you can cleanse and help your body fight back with love and support. Step back from the TV, cancel your license and be free again. Breathe again, and read and research. Feel positive about yourself as a beautiful sovereign human being. Slowly you will find your confidence again and won’t feel inadequate and depressed. Walk away from what is being forced upon you in this massive psyops crime. See clearly again, read books and update from proper scientists and doctors, by questioning on the internet (you should use this powerful tool to your benefit) not listening to the pretend ones that the government magicked out of their hats. The so-called scientists and malevolent megalomaniacs who lied and betrayed trust, who received huge amounts of money and power to slowly kill their fellow human beings.

I think we all know that this man will eventually be charged with crimes against humanity and found GUILTY

Have faith old birds, just let me show you some of the crusades your fellow human beings are involved in, not crazy conspiracy theorists but your brothers and sisters who have turned off their TVs and researched like mad. Who have properly educated themselves and the scales have fallen from their eyes. We also are in pain to see how duped we have been and it’s a bitter pill to swallow but trust me it gets easier when your thirst for knowledge is awakened and the true evil, of just a handful of perverted psychopaths, has been revealed to you. To all of you in the know, I apologise for this rant, for you others, please wake up now you have been lied to.


In 2020 we were a smaller very worried group but still of many thousands. The BBC and MSM never reported any of these and other huge gatherings across the world.

If we don’t act now there will be no old, or young birds travelling at all, this is the whole point. I have witnessed many historical sites along with places of natural beauty are being permanently closed across the world. As it is we have always had limited access to our ancient ancestral historical sites. If you look at the amount that we are not allowed to see across the world already you will be shocked. As I study places all over I see that our history books are not truthful, just as our governments and MSM everywhere. We need to protect truth and integrity and uncover the dark underbelly of this world as it has become. We need to guard ferociously our civil liberties and protect those around us who are being harmed. Yesterday we were protecting the people who normally protect us, the NHS doctors and nurses who are to lose their jobs without being jabbed and our wonderful veterans.

This beautiful nurse cried in my arms. Two kids to feed and a 27 year career at an end.

So this post is a little gritty and political because I fear that we are going into a dark age where we will be stopped from seeing our beautiful world by a tiny group of the elite who have planned to imprison what’s left of the population after they have mostly been killed off by this so-called vaccine. Why do you think 100,000 medical staff from the NHS are willing to lose their jobs? Because they know it’s not a vaccine but experimental gene therapy. Until now they have been gagged but can no longer be coerced into having a medical procedure that they don’t want.

The fabulous veterans made us all weep. we were so proud to see them and thank them for all they have done and to show up to show solidarity

So to the fantastic rally and support are given to our chaps all over the country and a big hoorah to the people who travelled so far just to stand up and be counted. Love you all.


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