Please give at least the first ten minutes of this a look. Now it’s been explained clearly and succinctly how litigation is starting as a result of the gross lies and maltreatment on peoples of the world.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

Be the first to see the light of day after sleeping for all this time. Time to wake up, stand up and be counted.


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  1. THANK YOU for writing this post. I did not have time to listen to the video, but I KNOW criminal activity has been going on since March of this year that boils my blood. I see. And I know that evil is behind this plandemic all to take over this world. I live in NY and there are many lawsuits right now how what has been forced upon us is unconstitutional. It is so bad here that I am not able to enter a store without a mask, even with a medical disability which I have. So, I bought masks on Etsy that are super thin and I can BREATHE. Screw this crap! I’m not bending my knee to it and I will NOT get sick doing something I know will bring harm to my body.

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    1. Yes I was so happy when I received this. We’ve been working hard in London to try to make people really look at proper evidence of this hideous global crime. I haven’t worn a mask once during this whole charade and saw police eyeing me in Tesco the other day but I must have some sort of authority in my demeanor and they didn’t challenge me. I never expected people to be so stupid.

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      1. It’s not like that in NY. I will be thrown out of any business if I do not wear a mask. I have been fighting but man I just get so tired of always fighting. This is MY right to be able to breathe! And it is MY right to choose! I HATE wearing anything on my face yet if I do not I am not able to go to even my hair salon. My masks that I bought are so thin with a lot of designs on them I am breathing like normal. Yet it is just the idea of wearing a mask against my will that bugs the crap out of me. God help all of us who are doing their everything to push back this evil. I’m going in the backdoor with my blog …. focusing on beauty and truth. I refuse to be pulled into politics and the absolute filth that is out there if you dare go against the narrative. I KNEW 2 weeks after our shutdown in March this was a ploy to take over the world. I’ve been fighting ever since. God bless you for doing what you are!!!

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      2. Crying with gratitude to you. Had really nasty reactions from ghastly people who I thought were relatively intelligent. Well it’s amazing that we now owe a debt of gratitude to the Germans who consistently have taken the bull by the horns! Please keep in contact. Wonderful to speak to you x

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      1. The extent to which we have been betrayed is so vast and so deep and the evil so all consuming, listening to this video and knowing I only know a drop in the bucket about what ALL is going on, puts honest to God tears in my eyes. My heart hurts. Too many do not want to know the truth and their compliance will be our downfall IF they do NOT wake up. Most days I just live in my world of my own making and when I do have to interact with this insanity I walk with my head held high and my eyes straight ahead. To SEE huge smiles in the parks I frequent is bliss. I watched as much as I could. I’m an Empath. I have a lot of trouble sitting and listening to the truths that I know. Deep State is everywhere.

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      2. Do it like me. Baby steps. I watched it in small chunks because it was so amazing that there will be a proper response to this insanity. I’m exhausted by the fight but now I’m going to post my video of the last demo in London that I went on. Thankyou for giving me strength. The truth will out!

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      3. When I’ve been crucified by nasty ignorant idiots then… Suddenly light comes from the end of this dark tunnel and I know I can carry on. Not being melodramatic but you’ve made a London old bird regain a little strength. They’ve been super brave in Germany and here in the UK we are trying.

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      4. It’s been super tough here in USA especially in NY. I’m glad I helped you. I know what is happening yet like I told you because I am an Empath I must be very careful of what I view. I am doing my part in saving democracy in the way I am being directed to …. my Inner Guidance. My prayers are with you!! xo

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  2. I’ve seen this video and I watched the last one that you posted and I’m with you on this! It stinks and I hate what’s going on. I get angry that people know all this and whine all the time about the state of our country, yet they do nothing.

    I spent many years trying to get #Uber into the UK courts and watched as our cases were practically thrown out by corrupt judges and QC’s. Everyone from Cameron & Osborne, Khan and one judge’s husband were all taking backhanders. That debacle opened my eyes so much, now I can’t close them!

    This ‘pandemic’ is all about control, for me, and I won’t be controlled. Why is everyone ignoring this?


    1. They’ve been flushing people’s brains for the last twenty years. People are only just listening but a lot of idiots just repeat the press propaganda and have been openly hostile to reasonable discussion. I haven’t worn a mask once and am completely fine. The more stressed and tired people are the more likely they are to get ANYTHING. I’ve been on demos and try all the time to educate people. This man offers a beacon of light! X

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      1. I agree about over the last twenty years — that I’ve been paying attention. The great thing is with FOI we can find out most things. However, it’s difficult to get anything done about stuff because they’re all in each others pockets and will defend their own.

        It’s difficult to educate people but I’ll keep trying 🙂


      1. I know. I’ve seen the press being shut down by number 10! When over 10,000 black taxis took to the streets, it wasn’t in any media!! Don’t mention the Beeb to me — aarrgghhhh!


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