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I thought for you old birds it’s only wise to take a look at headwear, vital whatever the weather. Here’s a collection of hats used on my trips or near-equivalents if I chucked them en route!

Please send in your pics of holiday hats and we can have an Easter bonnet competition! All will be displayed in April!


I bought this on Amazon for Russia. Oh dear so small for my big head no wonder it was such a bargain! The model obviously had a thin alien head.

A much more glam version worn in nippy Budapest.
RUSSIA and my very successful and comfy ushanka. This was so good my head felt warm even with -40 wind chill factor in Siberia
Mooching hat good for apres ski or just hanging out after a long days adventures. It’ comforting!
U.K. Combos like this have been known to help when you’re ill prepared for a wet windy environment such as Jurassic coast. My dignity in tatters but a little extra warmth was to be had.


THAILAND. The elephant wanted this hat but did he need to strangle me for it?

Headwear definitely portrays personality. Looking back over the years I see that I’ve never owned a flowery hat and most of my friends don’t do that kind of hat either. I would love to but I just look silly. The same goes for frilly fascinators and suchlike, I just look like someone out of the loony bin has stolen a hat from a proper lady! I can’t wear tight fitting either. I have a round face and a bobble hat will just make me look like a balloon head.

Indeed it would seem there is a whole science waiting to be explored in hat psychology, do please tell me if there is?

INDIA. Doing a princess Di is OK but not the same in an old cap. However it was needed in the burning sun.
If you are going on a boat it’s always a good idea to suck up to the Captain
MACHU PICCHU PERU. My iconic cap and bag that says ” I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way”
MEXICO Rain and shine this cap survived my whole south and central American trip.
Brutal and menacing? No just was covering my mouth and nose for when I went down to take pics in Chinatown the other night!
BORNEO. Survived the “yellow trail” in the Bako National Park jungle trek. the rock is clearly taking the piss in the background.


SICILY. In this desert valley of the temples I was ready for the shocking sudden heat
TURKEY An improvised head covering. A shirt used to save my bonce and sacrifice my shoulders

Try as I may I can’t find my pics with my head covered to go into mosques and some churches. I must have them in a file somewhere!! Someone should send in one of theirs!

Pirate kerchief


THAILAND. Hat provided for going into organic garden to pick some veg and herbs in Chiang Mai

All hats are good hats but most won’t travel well and frankly who can be bothered carrying one around that you can’t chuck in your case? The picture above (bottom right) shows what happens to an expensive hat in my hands. Anything I can’t squidge mercilessly, carry sea urchins in and use as a “safe” (Money and camera and any valuables wrapped in it and covered in a hole with sand) is of little use to me. This is why I normally am in caps. They don’t fly away and are small and eminently tough. You can wet them to cool your head too. A straw hat would certainly not do the job old chap!

WHERE NEXT? Hat bought in Russia to wear in the map room!!!
Worn at Canne Film Festival many years back. The outfit was bought in St. Petersburg 30 years ago
Off for a new adventure!

Again if you have any good hat pics for my Easter bonnet blog please send them in. (they don’t have to be actual bonnets!)


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  1. You really know how to rock a hat! 🤣 Thanks for sharing all your styles! And thank you for teaching me the proper name for “ushanka.” I can finally stop calling it “the furry sled dog teamster hat, you know, the one with flaps.”

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