Arriba, arriba, arrrrrribbbba!

Private roof bar wine and picnic. Even sorted timer on my phone for this snap

I was in a very weary state when I arrived. I’d said goodbye to my pal in Antigua and stayed a night in a Guatemala City Airport hotel (very good btw the In and Out, magnificent gardens and beautiful clean simple modern rooms, free shuttle two minutes from airport.) Then I flew to Cancun and stayed in another airport hotel for my initiation night in Mexico prepping for the following days flight to Merida. (Comfort Inn which also was great and I snagged the empty roof terrace as my own!).

This place has an ATM behind and a very chic supermarket two minutes away. I got all my bits done here in a very neat transfer. (The soap there is to die for, I really need to find out the name of their supplier. It was a very bright lemon scent that lasted to the very last sliver!) Sound sleep after a lovely picnic on the roof and off to the airport in the morning with another transfer bus.

Merida’s cool walkways in the searing sun

Top Tip: My Old Birds please always book an airport hotel for any trying trips. The horrible anxiety about entering a country and transferring to another flight and all that entails, is too much and finally will set you back. The stress factor is too high and can make you ill. An airport hotel allows you to do your “housekeeping”. and organise money and a gradual entry to or exit from the country. Also this way your first day at your new hotel at your destination will not be wasted money by a late arrival. Trust me this is an invaluable tip for a long journey like mine.

My first look at their ubiquitous Frieda Kahlo on my first look at a 500 peso note

Merida a small heaven for the travel weary.

I arrived in Merida still hyper sensitive and suspicious after four weeks in beautiful but dangerous Guatemala. What a treat. The sun was out and upon arrival at my hotel I was treated to fabulous architecture and all around and a cool elegant courtyard for my check in.

Beautiful dangerous room. Scene of the foot breaking.

Hotel Merida is a lovely very Central hotel close to various balmy palmed squares with great bars and restaurants. It is also where I broke my foot on the little step from my bathroom to bedroom, that insy winsy likkle step.

Cheap hotels still have pools

Anyhow the first day I still was in one piece and for the first time in ages felt safe and went for a posh nosh opposite. I had the best chateaubriand ever and sampled my first tequilas. The head waiter guided my through a list and I settled for an aged rich smoky one to start with (loved it a lot of favour almost like a fine whisky) went on the a newer clear one which is more like the one we are used to in England (harsh and a feeling of rocket as you breathe the fumes out through your nose!) and an in-betweeny (which like all things in between, is neither one thing nor the other) I finished on a high with a last aged one and went over the road, my initiation by fire to Mexico and its favourite drink successful, to my bed (hic)

The morning after the night before…

No hangover!! Neat tequila is the way forward, hurrah!! I jumped out of bed and put on my pretty skirt I felt was perfect for Mexico and a white T-shirt and bounded out ready for breakfast at a little square near me but also close to the Cathedral and main square. A bit of an awakening to the constant back bean mush and tortillas. Although I’m not averse to it I sort of resent it being forced on you with your heuvos rancheros and luckily found English breakfast tea. However it was paradise for me after my previous escapades on this big trip, and I sauntered into the Square afterwards calm and replete and happy. I found art and history even though it was a Monday with most museums closed (I can always sniff out a museum!)

This was only my first…..

Here are a few bits. A rather macabre but fascinating archive exhibition of the custom to be photographed with your dead children. The mortality rate being so high at that time it was a small comfort. The Victorians were also used to this tradition.

University open week exhibition.

Rodrigo de la Sierra outdoor exhibits.

These chaps are seen all over!

Fernando Castro Pacheco Museum

National Gallery

Know how she feels
My street after a shower
Hardcore first day but fabulous to walk around feeling free and easy. Just a quick drink in the newly found square before bed


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  1. Good to still have good feelings and memories! We have had a couple of hotels with those stupid steps out of the bathroom. Each time I’ve said ‘one of us will break our ankle’. Not yet, but now we’ll be extra careful!


      1. No I didn’t see the list and I just went back to reread. Did I miss a post? I may have since I found it hard to keep up when we’re traveling.I meant to mention before that I’m going to look for that tequila!


  2. I was in Antigua years ago and I just loved it. I’m hoping it hasn’t become a dangerous spot as well in Guatemala. The little man art in your post was so intriguing. I just love them! Did you find Meridia a safe place?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Antigua was fine but very globalised! I suppose there’s always a pay off for safety. Merida was very safe too and a joy to be able to go out after dark to the square foe a mojito. I’d been away for nearly three months by then and always had to be back in the hotel before dark. Sort of a 6 o’clock Cinderella 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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